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Public Health Projects

For your public health project, you will be assigned a country to study and present information on that country's health care system and standard of care for vision.

Don't forget to cite your sources; this is absolutely necessary.  If you don't give proper credit to the sources for your information (even conversations) it is considered plagiarism.

Use the NLM Citation Guide when formatting your citations.

Below are the slides that explain how to find library resources for this project:

Public Health Project Presentation Slides

Quick Links for Public Health Project

eBook Collection

Click the link labeled “Library Search” at

Search for these titles:

  • Health Care Dilemma: A Comparison of Health Care Systems in Three European Countries and the US

  • Health Care Systems in Europe and Asia

  • Health Economics: An International Perspective

  • World Health Systems: Challenges and Perspectives

  • Comparative Health Systems

  • Health Care Systems Around the World

  • Health Systems Improvement Across the Globe: Success Stories from 60 Countries

Online Resources

Information on Countries:

Assess the Quality of Information on Websites:

Optometric Data:


Information on United States Healthcare:


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