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Alumni Resources

Accessing Articles Post-Graduation or Post-Residency

The NECO Library is presently unable to provide interlibrary loan services or document delivery to alumni or former residents. If you are affiliated with a health care facility, you can request articles through their library.

You can also request articles and books from your local public library, through their interlibrary loan services. Speak with the staff at your local library for details.

Another option is to contact any of the large research libraries in the Boston area and ask about their fee-based consultation and literature search services. Most have extensive electronic resources.

Loansome Doc

Loansome Doc is another fee-based option for obtaining articles found in MEDLINE or PubMed. An arrangement will need to be made with a Loansome Doc supplying library.

Purchasing Individual Articles

If you are only occasionally in need of journal articles, an additional option is to purchase each article needed directly from the publisher.  Most journals are now available in electronic format, and it is easy to get from a citation in a database to the journal publisher's site, where the article can be purchased and downloaded instantly, usually as a PDF.  The downside to this is that articles purchased individually can often be costly.

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