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Course Reserves: Fall 2019



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Fall 2019 Course Reserves

Anatomy & Physiology I
Dr. Frances Rucker

Binocular Vision & Ocular Motility
Dr. Glen McCormack

Business Management
Dr. David Mills

Cell Biology, Histology, and Ocular Anatomy
Dr. Debora Nickla

Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmic Topics
Dr. Rachel Druckenbrod

Clinical Reasoning 1a
Dr. Aurora Denial

Contact Lenses I
Dr. Ronald Watanabe

General Pharmacology
Dr. Brandon Zimmerman

Dr. Steven Koevary

Leadership Fundamentals
Dr. Diane Russo

Neural Basis of Vision
Dr. Thanasis Panorgias

Ocular Disease Principles II
Dr. Maureen Hanley and Dr. Bina Patel

Ocular Pharmacology I
Dr. Bill Sleight

Optics I
Dr. David Rio

Principles & Practice of Optometry I
Dr. Hilary Gaiser & Dr. Benjamin Young

Visual Sensation & Perception
Dr. Thanasis Panorgias

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