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Copyright at the New England College of Optometry: Policy and Resources

  Understanding Copyright Law: Handouts & Policy

  • NECO's Copyright Policy​: This policy is intended to provide guidance for the majority of activities involving copyright at our institution. All users of Library resources and materials bear responsibility for compliance with applicable copyright laws and College policy.​





  Finding Images
Your professor can display copyrighted images in class because their use is covered by Section 110(1) of copyright law ("In Class Performances") which allows for the display of copyrighted images in a face-to-face teaching session. Your use is not covered by that act. However, you have other options for using images in your notes or for presentations. 

Check out the Can I Use an Image? tool (based on Hirsh Library's image reuse tool) if you're wondering if you can reuse an image or if you need an image.


Library Sources

You can use images from these sources if you include a citation and if your work is not shared outside of NECO.


Atlas of Ophthalmology

  • Atlas of Ophthalmology has a large array of images. You can include links to these images in your slides or notes to avoid a) violating copyright law and b) paying for each individual image license, as required by the website if you want to republish the image


Public Domain Images
Always include a citation for these images:



  • In Google Image Search, after searching for your term, click Tools then Usage Rights. Select any option other than the first. Remember to check the source you are using. Some Google sources do not have reliable medical information.


Images from Websites
Check the copyright policy of any webpage that contains images you would like to use to see if they allow you to reuse the image. Keep your eye out for Creative Commons licenses (featured below) that signify that you can reuse an image if you cite it. Remember that websites aren't always trustworthy sources of information.


 Student Notetakers

If you have been selected as a student notetaker and this is your first time as a notetaker, you are required to complete a brief tutorial on copyright, and sign an agreement.  This MUST be done prior to posting your notes.  If you have additional questions regarding copyright issues, please email us.

Student Notetaker Copyright Tutorial and Agreement

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