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Study: Reserves FAQ and Policy

NECO Library Reserves Policy

What are course reserves?

Course reserves are materials (books, book chapters, articles, audiovisuals, optometric equipment, and realia) that relate to a course currently being taught. All reserve materials are shelved at the circulation desk for the duration of the semester. Some heavily used items are kept permanently on reserve.

Prior to the beginning of each semester, faculty members submit a list of what items they wish to place on reserve. These may be personal or library-owned items.  When possible, we will reserve items (books, book chapters, and articles) in hard copy, as well as online via the course management system. The Library does not take responsibility for personal items that are lost or damaged while on reserve.


When should I submit my reserves list?

  • For Fall: July 26th
  • For Spring: November 15th
  • For Summer: April 19th

Please wait to inform students of a reserve item’s availability in the Library until you have received an email confirming that the item has been processed.


Why are there reserve list deadlines?

The deadlines help ensure that reserve items will be available to students at the start of the new semester.

We process reserve lists in the order in which we receive them. Processing times vary, depending upon the availability of the requested materials.

Special Considerations:

  • Lists received after the deadline take longer to process.  
  • Requests for materials that the library does not own and needs to purchase may take 4-6 weeks to process.
  • Requests with incomplete or inaccurate information delay processing.


How do I submit my course reserves list?

Please submit your list using this form.

Please provide us with complete information for each item, by following these guidelines:

  • Books: Title, author, publication year, edition, and call number
  • Articles: Journal title, article title, primary author, publication year, volume, issue, page numbers
  • A/V materials: Title, author, format, edition
  • Optometric tools: What is the item called (are there any acronyms or nicknames for the tool) Are there any specific care instructions?
  • Realia (skulls, models etc.): What is the item? Are there any specific care instructions?


Why do I have to use the online form to submit requests?

The online form expedites the processing of reserve requests and in one location enables you to:

  • submit your reserves list
  • confirm that your photocopies fall within the guidelines of the Fair Use Copyright Law
  • grant the Library permission to scan and upload your personal work


How often must I submit an online reserves form?

In compliance with the College’s copyright policy, a new online reserves form must be completed each semester by every faculty member wishing to place items on reserve.


Who do I contact if I have a question about reserves?
Please contact Ashley at [email protected].

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