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Resources: Asian American Histories, Narratives, and Voices

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Asian American Histories, Narratives, and Voices


A collection of eBooks for, by, and/or about AAPI communities in North America.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, nor does it represent the entirety of the NECO Library's holdings on this topic. If you have suggestions for appropriate resources to add to this guide, please email [email protected].


   Asian American communities and health: context, research, policy, and action, Chau Trinh-Shevrin, et al.

   Contemporary Asian American communities : intersections and divergences, Linda Trinh Võ, Rick Bonus

   A postmodern psychology of Asian Americans: creating knowledge of a racial minority, Laura Uba

   Race, rights, and the Asian American experience, Angelo N. Ancheta

   Where I have never been: migration, melancholia, and memory in Asian American narratives of return, Patricia P. Chu

   The Columbia guide to Asian American history, Gary Y. Okihiro

   Inhuman citizenship: traumatic enjoyment and Asian American literature, Juliana Chang

   The color of success: Asian Americans and the origins of the model minority, Ellen D. Wu

   When half is whole: multiethnic Asian American identities, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

   The racial middle: Latinos and Asian Americans living beyond the racial divide, Eileen O'Brien

   Emerging voices: experiences of underrepresented Asian Americans, Huping Ling

   Cultural citizenship and immigrant community identity: constructing a multi-ethnic Asian American community, Hye-Kyung Stella Kang

   Tell this silence: Asian American women writers and the politics of speech, Patti Duncan

   Negotiating ethnicity: second-generation South Asian Americans traverse a transnational world, Bandana Purkayastha

   Betrayal and other acts of subversion: feminism, sexual politics, Asian American women's literature, Leslie Bow

   Probationary Americans: contemporary immigration policies and the shaping of Asian American communities, Edward J.W. Park, John S.W. Park

   Chains of Babylon: the rise of Asian America, Daryl J. Maeda

   American history unbound: Asians and Pacific Islanders, Gary Y. Okihiro

   The arresting eye: race and the anxiety of detection, Jinny Huh

   Inscrutable belongings: queer Asian North American fiction, Stephen Hong Sohn

   Negotiating tradition, becoming American: family, gender, and autonomy for second generation South Asians, Rifat Anjum Salam

   Body evidence: intimate violence against South Asian women in America, Shamita Das Dasgupta

   Aspiring to home: South Asians in America, Bakirathi Mani

   Thinking orientals: migration, contact, and exoticism in modern America, Henry Yu

   How to be South Asian in America: narratives of ambivalence and belonging, Anupama Jain

   Margins and mainstreams: Asians in American history and culture, Gary Y. Okihiro, Moon-Ho Jun

   Culture shock for Asians in U.S. academia: breaking the model minority myth, Eunkyong Lee Yook

   Circle, Victoria Chang

   Begin here: reading Asian North American autobiographies of childhood, Rocío G. Davis

   The managed hand: race, gender, and the body in beauty service work, Miliann Kang

   Asian North American identities: beyond the hyphen, Eleanor Rose Ty, Donald C. Goellnicht

   The politics of the visible in Asian North American narratives, Eleanor Rose Ty

   Writing imagined diasporas: South Asian women reshaping North American identity, Joel Kuortti

   East-West montage: reflections on Asian bodies in diaspora, Sheng-mei Ma

   Several worlds: reminiscences and reflections of a Chinese-American physician, Monto Ho

   Doctor Mom Chung of the fair-haired bastards: the life of a wartime celebrity, Judy Tzu-Chun Wu

   Restoried selves: autobiographies of queer Asian/Pacific American activists, Kevin K. Kumashiro

   Second-generation Korean Americans: the struggle for full inclusion, Dae Young Kim

   Living alterities: phenomenology, embodiment, and race, Emily S. Lee

   The rising tide of color: race, state violence, and radical movements across the Pacific, Moon-Ho Jung

   Displacements and diasporas: Asians in the Americas, Wanni W. Anderson, Robert G. Lee

   Talking about structural inequalities in everyday life: new politics of race in groups, organizations, and social systems, Ellen L. Short, Leo Wilton

   Multiculturalism on campus: theory, models, and practices for understanding diversity and creating inclusion, Michael J. Cuyjet, et al.

   Virtual homelands: Indian immigrants and online cultures in the United States, Madhavi Mallapragada

   In defense of justice: Joseph Kurihara and the Japanese American struggle for equality, Eileen Tamura


Heather Edmonds, MLIS

[email protected]


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