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OpenAthens FAQ Title

FAQ: Accessing Online Resources

OpenAthens FAQ

What Can I Access?

Unfortunately, UpToDate is an extremely expensive resource for institutions, and our license only covers use for current students and full-time faculty members. You can subscribe on your own, however; individual subscriptions run about $500/year.

Online subscriptions are extremely costly and often charge per tier of users, and so our licenses only allow access for the tier that includes current students, faculty, and staff. Unfortunately, to include alumni would mean moving to a tier that is cost-prohibitive at this time. However there are other options available to you.

Per our licenses, we are only able to provide access to preceptors or adjunct faculty members who are currently overseeing NECO students.

This happens from time to time, and it is an error. Please contact Heather Edmonds, who will obtain the resource on your behalf and work to resolve the error.

Publisher Sites

Because OpenAthens can be logged into from a publisher's website, it can often seem as though one has access to all of the content on the website. However, this is not the case. Logging into OpenAthens as provided by NECO means that you will have access to the journals (and sometimes only certain years/issues of those journals) to which the NECO Library owns content or subscribes.

You can ignore this request, if you wish. Sometimes publishers encourage users to create an entirely separate account (not affiliated with OpenAthens, or NECO) so that you can "save" articles or other content while you are on their website. The NECO Library will not be able to assist with setting up or maintaining these publisher-site accounts.

Sometimes at publisher sites, you will see an option to "Log in at your institution." When this appears, you should either search for or choose New England College of Optometry. Please note that you will NOT be able to use your OpenAthens login anywhere that is not branded "OpenAthens" (i.e., to log directly into a publisher's site).

No, you can't. This may seem to be the case, but it's misleading. You can only access the content to which NECO subscribes.

OpenAthens FAQ

OpenAthens Accounts/Error Messages

OpenAthens is a single sign-on authentication service that allows the NECO Library to manage access to online resources. It replaces the barcode-based logins that we previously used. Faculty and students who have NECO Gmail accounts are now able to use this same account to access online resources, and adjuncts/preceptors are now able to have their own separate accounts (instead of the single account that was previously shared among all adjuncts).

There are several reasons, but the main impetus behind the change is to make it easier for NECO students and faculty to access online resources.

If you have a NECO Gmail account, please use this to log in. If you do not have a NECO Gmail account, please use the OpenAthens login you were issued and the password you created for the account. (If you have not yet received your OpenAthens credentials, and you believe you should have access, please contact Heather Edmonds.)

No, it's not SPAM. You should have received an introductory email from Heather Edmonds explaining that you will receive an additional email from OpenAthens. Please review your email inbox to ensure you haven't missed it.

You will retain access to online resources for as long as you are a NECO student, faculty, or adjunct faculty member/preceptor. When you no longer belong to one of these groups, you will no longer have access to online resources. If you are a preceptor during certain years and not others, you will have access only during the years you are a preceptor.

You are logged into a non-NECO Gmail account on the browser. Please log out of this account, log into your NECO Gmail account, and try again.

If you're being asked to log into EBSCO, you've encountered an error. Please contact Heather Edmonds, who will obtain the resource on your behalf and work to resolve the error.


Have a question about accessing online resources @ the NECO Library that isn't covered here? Email us at [email protected].





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